Day in the life of a Young Consultant | Tasmin Wall

Tasmin Wall,

Degree Apprentice, Atkins

I joined Atkins on 27th August 2019 as an Apprentice Project Manager and Consultant. Prior to starting my apprenticeship, I completed my A Levels in 2018, where I studied French, Geography and Business. As part of my apprenticeship journey, I received a Merit for my Level 4 Project Management apprenticeship. Now, I am working towards my Level 6 Project Management Degree apprenticeship.

To put it simply, as part of my job, I solve problems. I work with my clients to identify their problems, agree on an appropriate solution, and implement it so that the business can continue to use it once I have moved onto another project. This can vary from managing a project to providing communications and engagement support.

Working in the Security, Intelligence and Government market gives me the opportunity to work with clients who operate in complex environments. I work with the team to provide innovative services and solutions that provide smarter programme delivery which improve our client’s management of effective and controlled change.

I am working as a Programme Support Officer for a confidential client where I am supporting a vital programme which is contributing towards evolving the future of how the client operates in order to save more lives. As part of the Programme Management Office team, I am supporting in restructuring the programme to ensure that the intended benefits and outcomes are delivered on time, to cost and of high quality. This includes my development of a programme wide onboarding process along with a pack to ensure new joiners can hit the ground running.

One of my biggest highlights was competing in the 2019/20 Association for Project Management Challenge for South Wales and West of England. This annual competition aims to develop professionals that are new to the industry. As part of the competition, myself and my cohort of apprentices worked with a Bristol based Rotary Club to deliver a health and wellbeing event. Under challenging circumstances (e.g., adapting to remote working due to COVID-19 and using digital tools for collaboration), I ensured that my team delivered high quality deliverables by using innovative tools such as a digital kanban board. Despite feeling like the ‘underdog’ due to my limited experience, I led the team to victory, and we delivered a flawless presentation against teams with far more experience. This was a big personal achievement as I demonstrated that I am a valuable, highly skilled, and effective leader.

Throughout my apprenticeship journey, I have quickly developed my management consultancy skills, knowledge and behaviours through practical experiences. Furthering my education through an apprenticeship has allowed me to jump headfirst into the world of work and kick start my career. Throughout my early career, I have demonstrated that I am a valuable team member at Atkins, and I prioritise producing high quality work. This has led to me being nominated for various internal and external awards such as being named as the runner up for the 2020 Young Professional of the Year for our business.

Working in consultancy allows me to produce work, that has an effect on a national scale, with key public sector organisations to put in place a meaningful difference to the safety and security of the United Kingdom. I couldn’t recommend more kickstarting your consultancy career via an apprenticeship as, it allows you to quickly develop in a fast-paced environment, work with a diverse range of people and clients, and provide products and services that make a tangible difference to a broad audience.