Day in the Life of a Young Consultant | Yash Nag


Credera UK

My journey into consulting began with a passion for marketing and technology. After graduating with a bachelor’s in Computer Science back home in Mumbai, I moved to the UK to study at Loughborough University for my master’s in information management and business technology. I had always been interested in working at the crossroads of business and technology and had a keen interest in consulting, which is how I came to find out about Credera. After learning more about them, I was astounded by the people at Credera; everyone was so kind and willing to help me. I also learned about the many clubs and social activities that were on offer at the company. This, together with what I had learned about the firm’s consulting work, cemented my decision to join Credera’s Modern Marketing Transformation practice. As a team, we leverage technology and data to modernise marketing abilities and demonstrate how they can be applied to fuel business success. I have had the chance to work on some fascinating projects and got to know some amazing individuals on this challenging but rewarding adventure.

What does a standard week on a project look like for you?

Depending on the requirements of the customer and the stage of the project, a typical week can vary substantially. My days often begin with checking and replying to emails, managing my schedule, and responding to meeting invitations. Subsequently, I lead my daily stand-up on a project for a global confectionery brand. The rest of my day is often spent working to achieve any meeting objectives, attending stakeholder meetings, acquiring resources, and focusing on document curation. Whilst each day is different, I like to block some time out for lunch and catch up with my family. Although I have not done much of it yet as I am early in my career, I will eventually end up doing more travelling to conferences, meetings with clients in other cities or countries, and even internal events and seminars.

I engage with a variety of stakeholders as a consultant, and I am regularly in contact with my account team, manager, and various stakeholders across time zones and international borders. In addition, I communicate with my practice lead, career coach, and peers, which is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. Implementing innovative technology to improve current systems and enabling success are just some examples of the diverse subjects that may be covered in consulting contracts. Common projects might include creating a MarTech strategy, choosing and deploying a new system, or helping customers so they can make the most of their current technology stack.

Working on challenging yet rewarding projects that make a positive impact on a client’s business is one of the most gratifying facets of consulting. I enjoy working with creative and driven individuals to accomplish a common objective and the collaborative aspect of consulting – something that is very prevalent at Credera. I also like the unmatched work atmosphere here, which has been recognised and rewarded by the likes of the Financial Times and Great Place to Work. There is a wide range of communities and clubs to get involved with at Credera and I really value being given a generous training budget to boost my skills and shape my career. My peers are highly knowledgeable and always eager to support and steer you in the right direction. On top of that, we have monthly meetings where we gather both in person and virtually to celebrate our accomplishments, discuss our current and future goals, and recognise individuals for all their hard work. I could speak about what makes Credera a wonderful place to work all day!

From my viewpoint, some of the most difficult aspects of consulting include handling uncertainty and making judgements based on the sometimes-limited information provided. It can also be a challenge to balance work on numerous projects with other competing priorities and manage your workload to maintain an all-important balance between work and personal life

What would you say to someone who is thinking about consulting as a career?

A career in consulting will teach you fundamentals such as being flexible and collaborative with the various clients and projects that you will work on. My advice to anyone considering a career in consulting is that being adaptable to any challenges that arise, building your network and taking learning opportunities wherever you get a chance are all the key to success in consulting.