Event Blog: Forging your own path

‘Women in Consulting – ‘Forging your own path’’ was a memorable event with two inspiring speakers, Helen Frewin and Natasha Abajian. Throughout the evening both Helen and Natasha provided thought provoking insights into the world of ‘Women in consulting’ from both an academic and professional point of view. The evening was based around 4 key points which aimed at maximising our social capital through visibility, trust and acceptance.

The main points were focused around posture; self-belief; the power of questions; purpose & passion. Helen provided some thought provoking tips concerning how we combat/ maximise each of these fundamental elements. Both the men and women from the Vendigital team found the interactive sessions particularly beneficial and engaging when looking at adapting these ‘tactics’ into real life circumstances. These debates also challenged the audience to not only think about how others perceive us but also to consider how we perceive ourselves.

‘Some people ask questions like an interrogation and others like they have child-like curiosity’, this was the 3rd point that Helen Frewin made regarding the power of questions and the one that resonated the most with the Vendigital employees with regard to developing as young management consultants. This quote, when combined with the skills learnt at a previous event run by Lee Warren, ‘How to make your network work’, helps create an excellent foundation for anyone looking to ‘forge your own path’ and effectively engage with clients and colleagues alike.

Thank you to Helen, Natasha and the Young Management Consultancies Association.