Manchester Consulting Leaders Panel Feature

What does it take to progress a career in Management Consulting?

Last week the Young MCA team in Manchester brought together leaders from IBM, PwC & NECS to discuss questions from the floor which spanned from managing of work life balance to working industry aligned versus cross industry as a young consultant.

It was a wonderful evening in Manchester as the temperatures soared, as attendees started to arrive and register they were directed to enjoy the  open terrace areas at PwC’s Manchester office, with fantastic views of the city whilst having the evenings refreshments. Following on from the initial networking, the panel began and it became clear of the wealth of experience and diversity across the panel.

Interpretation of key questions and points :

Time – The time taken to progress through the ranks within a consulting organisation can differ depending on a number of factors, and some will take more direct approaches than others, growing capability and expertise in industry and role where some consultants may prefer to try new challenges and make new relationships. Neither is right or wrong.

Diversity – We as consultants have a responsibility to promote diversity and inclusion both internally and externally within our teams and organisations, similarly as do our senior leaders. Granting new people opportunities and opening the door to less familiar colleagues with opportunities rather than our tendencies of closely knit circles.

Balance – At times through your career different projects and challenges will have pressure points, and if one wants to progress then generally there will need to be appreciation of those commitments, on the contrary however, ensuring that you balance those work strains with your outside life whether that be spending time with family, taking time away or anything else.

Lastly the team spent some time discussing how to drive the regional agenda forward, thinking about further incentives across CSR, School Leavers and Networks. Big thanks go out to to our speakers, Suzanne Jenkins (PwC), Mark Welch (IBM) & Alistair Robson (NECS) for the insight and honesty throughout.

The team are keen to grow the community in the North West region (not just Manchester) so if you’re reading this and are interested, or know anyone who maybe then get in touch with us using the details below.

Howard Jackson, IBM,