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Chartered Management Consultant Award

The MCA is working in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to develop the Chartered Management Consultant award.

The initiative has been developed for the purpose of setting and maintaining the highest standards in the management consulting profession and creating an award which recognises consistent, high levels of professional competency and achievement.

Firms of all sizes have become involved, including IBM, PwC, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, EY, KPMG, PPL, Arcadis, Mott MacDonald, Atkins, Gobeyond Partners, Moorhouse Consulting, North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS), Arup and Akeso. The award is expected to be fully launched in Spring 2021 and will be open to firms and individuals interested in achieving the highest professional standards for chartered status.

ChMC explained

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The Accredited Route

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What is a Management Consultant?

A Management Consultant is a person who is professionally engaged in advising on, and providing, a detached and professional view of a client’s company’s management techniques and practices. Management Consultants work with organisations across the private, public and not for profit sectors.

Why are Management Consultants important?

The Management Consultancy profession plays an important part in business success, through the provision of high quality, timely and effective management solutions.

What is the Chartered Management Consultant award?

The Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) award is the most prestigious award that can be achieved within the Management Consultancy profession. It has been developed by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Why has ChMc been developed?

The award aims to do professionally recognise Management Consulting as a high-quality profession requiring demonstration and maintenance of standards as well as enhancing the professional standard of the industry.


Is our in-house training programme eligible for ChMC Accreditation?

For an in-house training programme to be accredited it must demonstrate that it covers the expected five years’ development of a management consultant, from the foundation stage, through the applied stages, to Chartered level and demonstrate all the Chartered level competencies.

What are the benefits of having our in-house training programme accredited?

The benefits of having the programme accredited is that it demonstrates superior expertise, high levels of professional integrity and advanced leadership and management capabilities within the consulting operating environment. Programme accreditation demonstrates the highest externally recognised standard.

Will our consultants be awarded ChMC when they have completed our accredited programme?

Consultants that have completed an accredited programme will be eligible to apply for the Chartered Management Consultant award, however it is not an automatic award. To achieve ChMC status, applicants must successfully complete a detailed submission, portfolio and assessment for the award.

What is involved in the programme accreditation process?

Each company can submit the following:
Organisations are required to complete a template which has been designed to enable organisations to map their in-house development programme to the ChMC competencies. A CMI Mapping Moderator will be assigned to review and moderate to ensure it meets the criteria and to provide advice on any gaps.

How long does it take?

When a firm has completed the template and it is ready for it to be moderates/accredited, an on-site visit will be arranged with a CMI Mapping Moderator. The moderator will require a full day with the ChMC Programme Manager for the firm as well as staff members who have a good understanding of the programme. These staff members will not be required to attend the whole day.


Is becoming Chartered compulsory?

The award of ‘Chartered Management Consultant’ is voluntary and it is open to all Management Consultants who comply with rigorous entry criteria, sign up to a Code of Ethics, and commit to Continuing Professional Development.

How do I know I am eligible to apply?

Management Consultants must have operated as such for the last four years prior to seeing Chartered status. Practical experience is essential and application must be underpinned by a portfolio of evidence of achievement such as testimonials from managers and clients. ChMc candidates must also provide evidence of ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

How will I be assessed?

Candidates will be expected to submit an application with a portfolio. This will be evaluated and there will then be a professional discussion with an assessor to talk through the portfolio and provide examples.

If successful, how do I keep the Chartered status?

Those who are awarded Chartered status are expected to record ongoing CPD activity supplemented by client testimonials. CPS can be activities such as thought leadership, event speaking, mentoring and formal training.


To find out more and register your interest, please visit CMI