Evelyn John , PwC

Outstanding Achievement

Evie is a senior manager in PwC’s local public services team. She leads complex programmes that include redesigning services, performance improvement, and transforming ways of working to deliver better outcomes for citizens.

She really cares about her clients, what they do, and who they serve; the projects she has worked on are all full of purpose. She is also passionate about her teams and their development – both in terms of capabilities and also in ensuring they lead with empathy and walk in their clients’ shoes. Her aim is to build confidence in her clients – not just tools – as that’s what makes a lasting, sustainable impact.

Over the past three years, Evie has worked on some of PwC’s highest-profile public sector and crisis-management projects, delivering impact through her energy, leadership and expertise.

From July 2017 to December 2018, Evie worked on an Emergency Response Programme, enabling the rehousing and wider care for those bereaved and displaced by the incident. Fast-forward to 2020, and Evie supported local authority leaders in their COVID-19 response to housing, working with a range of stakeholders from across organisations to enable their efforts to bring the street homeless into safety. She then worked with a central London borough to support people experiencing street homelessness into permanent accommodation, subsequently leading the design of a new approach to rough sleeping services in that borough; work completed in autumn 2020.

The consistent and excellent comments from her clients are testament to her strengths as a leader with personal conviction, and her deep understanding of how to apply consulting approaches in real-life and purposeful situations.