Gaynor Ratcliffe, Sysdoc

Innovation Consultant of the Year

At Sysdoc we want to create simpler, smarter ways of working. Recent experiences have redefined how we drive performance excellence, challenged how we deliver complex transformation and changed how we design sustainable, adaptable organisations.

We are so proud to have the opportunity to recognise one of our own as Innovation Consultant of the Year. Gaynor Ratcliffe stood out for us as the embodiment of innovation and her recent leading work with an educational institution has amplified that. Not only is she navigating technological advancements, a global pandemic and overhauling a legacy of manual processes, but she has also brought a fresh perspective and outlook to solving all of these challenges (and more).

“What does innovation mean to me? Often when we think of the term innovation, we think of a brand new, exciting idea or product. People can be daunted or intimidated by this word as they associate it with these ground-breaking, revolutionary connotations. It can mean this, of course. However, innovation also means change; metamorphosis and transformation. It is this description of innovation that I see as a fundamental raisen d’aitre as the role of a Consultant.” Gaynor Ratcliffe.

Gaynor is our Head of Capability for Strategy and Leadership at Sysdoc, but it would be an understatement to say that her influence is confined to that capability. She has progressed within our organisation throughout her time so far with us and is in demand with our clients. Project’s end and they still want to know they can have her back when they need her! To have Gaynor recognised as a nomination and finalist for this MCA category we hope demonstrates to her and our network just how much she is valued and respected as part of Sysdoc.