Jen Hipkiss, IBM Consulting

Exceptional Support and Delivery by a Consultant During COVID-19

Jen wants you to buy a car online. And she wants you to enjoy doing it. Delivering engaging online experiences, leveraging eCommerce platforms underpinned bya flexible, scalable architecture is what Jen does best.

Jen sits within IBMiX’s Digital Commerce practice and uses her SME knowledge of B2B and B2Cjourneys to help even the most reticent of digitisers provide a compelling online experience for their customers. She brings a wealth of experience from retail and CPGe Commerce deliveries and is currently bringing this cross-industry insight and patterns of working to transform digital experiences within the automotive industry.

In 2020 Jen has created an industry playbook for rolling out online car selling, and a viable method to do this quickly. She has helped automotive clients to leverage existing technical infrastructure, connecting it in new ways to re-usable components, to help her clients deliver game-changing digital experiences in a matter of weeks.
Throughout the COVID pandemic, Jen has interacted with her clients with the empathy of a caregiver and the determination of a pushy parent. She has helped them to deliver even though the going was tough and has prepared them for a post-pandemic world where consumers are used to getting what they want at the touch of a button.