EY with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Exceptional Support and Delivery to a Client During COVID-19

As the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic began to reduce the UK’s R number, EY was called on to help the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) support a safe return to work for the nation.

EY was tasked in a virtual environment to:

  • Develop guidance for businesses to support the safe return to work of the British workforce
  • Research leading practice from countries across the world in returning employees to work post-lockdown
  • Convene representatives from, and consult across, all sectors of British industry, at all levels, as well as trade unions, trade bodies and multiple government departments and agencies to ensure the guidance was fit for purpose
  • Design the guidance in an accessible and user-centric way to reassure employers and employees and restore national confidence
  • Stand up a Project Management Office (PMO) to coordinate across project teams, government departments and industry stakeholders
  • Achieve all the above within highly accelerated timelines to enable the fastest possible economic recovery across the UK

We first received the call for help on the morning of Saturday 25 April. Less than 48 hours after, we had brought on board over 30 partners to lead work aligned to different industry sectors. We drew on EY’s global reach and our research across 21 countries enabled the UK to issue what was widely regarded as the leading global response on creating safer workplaces.

The success of this project saw millions of people across the UK return safely to the workplace. Our guidance documents were viewed over a million times within the first few days of going live on gov.uk – and were seen as critical to helping businesses transition into restarting activity.

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