Joanna Liu, EY

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

Joanna is a director in EY Transformation Execution practice. She has an impressive record of shaping and delivering complex business and technology transformation programmes that benefit society. Over the past year, she has led highly publicised and time-critical programmes across issues such as Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, for both government and the private sector.

Her success is down to a highly collaborative and insightful leadership style, which enables her to integrate rapidly and build credibility and trust with EY’s most senior clients. She leads multi-disciplinary, diverse teams with a calm confidence and has a clear understanding of individuals’ strengths and how to maximise their potential. In one example, she was singled out by a senior government official at HMRC to stand up a team within 24 hours to support the COVID-19 Response Unit.

Joanna has a natural flair for creating and bringing together high-performing team environments through her inclusive, can-do attitude and is great at delivering ideas that spark an individual’s passions. She leads her department’s commercial proposition and has packaged her knowledge and experience to develop EY’s offerings and methodologies to better support clients.

Joanna’s passion for people isn’t limited to client work either. She also contributes to EY’s Women in Technology initiative, which focuses on developing EY’s next generation of female leadership. Outside work, Joanna also volunteers as an NHS COVID-19 responder for the vulnerable and is a school reader, helping improve the literacy of generations to come.