Josh Nicholson, Credera

Outstanding Achievement

I am an advocate for outstanding consulting and delivering transformative change. I advise clients through their full technology journey, from strategic design, translating the “art of the possible”, through to pragmatic implementation.

Colleagues have cited my work at a large government Department as that of an “inspirational leader”, helping the Department achieve their vision of transforming their core services, and delivering a truly digital experience to millions of UK citizens. This vision needs reliable data to inform Government policy and the Department’s daily operational decision making.
I am leading a central component of realising this vision, developing a cutting-edge Data Analytics platform and moving some of Europe’s largest data sets to the cloud. My strong technical leadership has helped the Department to:

  • Drive their project to take shape and accelerate towards their goals of better serving the public with innovative change, while delivering cost savings to UK taxpayers.
  • Cope with the ten-fold spike in demand for their services when the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown was announced, by speeding up the availability of data to be near-real-time so that they could direct resources to be in the right locations each day to meet demand (which currently stands at 6 million UK citizens).
  • Transform ways of working for their 3,000 civil servant data scientists, analysts and policymakers, who can now access the new leading-edge tools remotely from secure devices, ahead of many private sector organisations.

I have been on a journey throughout this project from architect to team leader, to a strategic role driving technical transformation agendas across the entire Department; a growth trajectory mirrored in my career promotions from Managing Consultant to Principal to Director.