Julie Craig, Proxima Group

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

Julie is an established team leader, having managed a huge variety of consultants throughout her 30-year career, delivering highly complex projects across FMCG, higher education, financial services, retail, heavy manufacturing and the public sector.

With a background in science and engineering, Julie’s experience spans research and manufacturing management, allowing her to apply her unique analytical skillset in her role now as Vice President of Client Management at Proxima.

Julie goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations of her clients and is adept at inspiring large consultancy teams through challenging briefs. She is invaluable to Proxima as the person our clients rely upon – she really understands their problems and identifies solutions that transform a statement of work into meaningful activities.
Her most recent key achievements include:

  • Delivering savings of £20 million for a leading high-street bank, leaving a legacy of improved processes, better risk management, and a more robust commercial approach.
  • Leading a public sector transformation programme that is supporting an island in delivering real value to its citizens.
  • Creating a new approach to supply chain management for a coffee chain, enabling it to establish new supply routes to support its global growth targets.

She is Proxima’s ‘Problem Solver in Chief’ and has a track record of establishing strong client relationships as well as helping individuals shine within their team. She is a role model in the businesses, driving real value for both her clients and their wider communities.