Julie Searle, EY

Outstanding Achievement

Julie strongly believes that technology should enable change, not drive it.

Over 15 years ago, Julie shifted her career to focus on the most challenging, and often forgotten, aspect of transformation – people. She has a diverse background, spending most of her formative years growing up abroad with her Mediterranean mother and half German-English father. And with a career predominantly in industry, almost four years ago, Julie moved to EY.

With her Mediterranean passion and drive, she has worked with technology teams to raise awareness of the people agenda on transformations. She continually challenges the status quo, providing relatable and real scenarios to tell the story. Committed to diversity, Julie challenges the perception of change management as a female-oriented profession and technology as male-oriented; she actively seeks diversity in her teams and when working with clients.

Leading EY’s UK&I Change Competency, Julie strives for innovation and has been instrumental in building a change capability that has foundations in a pragmatic employee-centric approach. She is seen as the ‘go-to’ person for a technology-enabled change, focusing her energies on ensuring employees are the first thought, not an afterthought, in the transformation journey.