Leo Jones, IMPOWER

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year

Leo Jones has demonstrated powerful thought leadership around ways to improve outcomes for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Through first-hand experience of working in the sector and in consultancy with clients, he has challenged the national discourse that the flaws within the current system are purely financial and stimulated national debate on how to drive better outcomes at a lower cost.

He has used his position and relationships in the sector to drive new thinking – particularly through facilitating three national roundtable discussions that have engaged parents, Government policymakers, school, health and council leaders.

But more than that, Leo is a thought leader and a doer. In partnership with clients, he has demonstrated how new approaches can deliver real improvements. This has led to Leo being invited to share his approach with the National Leadership Board that’s leading a Government review of SEND.

As Dame Christine Lenehan, Director for the National Children’s Bureau & DfE Advisor, says: “In a hugely complex policy area, I have been incredibly impressed with both Leo’s drive to deliver better outcomes for children with additional needs and his ability to help clients bring about real change on the ground. He’s challenging traditional thinking in a way that’s having an impact at a national level.”