Leo Tagg, EY

Innovation Consultant of the Year

Leo is an EY consultant in the government and public sector. He has developed a distinct and innovative approach to consulting based on his experiences outside of work and his passions for technology and user-centred design. Outside work he is passionate about creating and collaborating in any way he can – through sport, teaching data science or through app development and inside work, he is motivated by the opportunity to make a difference in an area in need of innovation.

To Leo, innovation means:
• Living by the principles of agile and user-centred design
• Working as a team to maximise diversity and inclusivity
• Transplanting the best bits of other industries/cultures/teams into his own teams

He sees his role as embodying, promoting and nurturing all of these concepts. He draws inspiration from a wide range of experiences, starting out as a hardware engineer and working his way through networks, system engineering, software development, business analysis, technical architecture, project management and strategy development.

Leo’s most recent project – leading a team in a new government organisation to develop analysis and insights for COVID-19 – has given him the opportunity to demonstrate these qualities. The approach was both innovative and effective, combining cross-functional teams of epidemiologists, data scientists, policymakers and analysts, working iteratively for Ministers and local health professionals. Leo has shown that he takes the lessons from each challenge and applies them to the next.