Mayank Dwivedi, EY

Innovation Consultant of the Year

Mayank is EY’s Global Head of Product (Digital Outcomes). From a young age, he has witnessed how illness can impact life and grew to understand that improving health was also about improving someone’s life in every aspect.

He became passionate about changing this paradigm. Over the last three years, Mayank’s technology research has been focused on transforming the way that the healthcare industry prioritises patient care – to shift the pricing landscape towards payments based on outcomes. It meant building an entirely new offering, from thinking about how to navigate restricting pricing policies to allow for new pricing mechanisms, to restoring the trust between EY’s clients and healthcare stakeholders for the benefit of the patient.

His biggest achievement is being part of the first global industry-wide roll-out of outcome-based digital asset contracting for oncology patients in the UK. The aim was to improve survival rates and patient quality of life and reduce the burden on healthcare professionals. Crucially, he played a role in restoring trust between life science organisations and their customers. Through purpose-led innovation, Mayank has also become an inventor for five pending patents which are driving industry change.