Reshma Mahapatra, EY

Innovation Consultant of the Year

As an EY Service Delivery manager, the courage of conviction, guided by curiosity and a drive to constantly evolve to move forward is the best way of describing Reshma. The self-described ‘small-town girl’ from India took the opportunities life threw at her and grew up to become a pioneer in the tech innovation industry – and her positivity that women can dream big and achieve anything they want is infectious. As a women technologist, she is breaking the stereotypes by leaving an indelible mark in the field of innovative technologies by placing people at the centre of both technology and purpose-led transformation programmes. Her career spans over 12 years, serving various industry sectors across the globe.

She delivers complex transformation programmes and leads teams at EY with a prime focus on the government-related entities (GRE) sector. She spends much of her time advising FTSE 100 organisations and governments on how to navigate change and implement innovative technologies to thrive and sustain in a world of increasing disruption.

Reshma’s modus operandi is to be a catalyst and a connector in building ecosystems to help organisations solve their complex problems and deliver immediate, long-term economic and societal value. Having lived in 4 countries and travelled to 60, she is sensitive to cultural differences and helps to develop an inclusive culture in which timely, authentic feedback and coaching are provided. She takes pride in being a buddy, mentor, coach and trusted advisor to the clients and individuals she works with.