Vishali Jivan, KPMG

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

Vishali Jivan is a highly accomplished KPMG consultant with a track record of delivering on large-scale, multi-disciplinary projects that require strong leadership skills, sophisticated levels of programme management, and team-building that creates clarity and a common purpose.

When a global financial services business decided to reorganise its operations and set up a new banking entity in Germany ahead of Brexit, Vishali led the project to re-paper no fewer than 100,000 customer contracts. Working to demanding deadlines, the project achieved a highly impressive 95% consent rate. And that was just one element. The engagement – which at its peak involved project management of over 100 KPMG Consulting, Tax and Legal Services specialists – saw over 300 supplier contracts transferred, over 100 policies and procedures updated, and some 167 IT applications updated, tested and implemented. The result was the first banking licence issued by the European Central Bank as a result of Brexit.

Currently, Vishali is leading a major project at a UK financial services arm to launch a new product to market which includes:

  • Changes to the core banking platform,
  • A redesigned banking app,
  • Enhanced levels of digitisation,
  • Extensive customer communications,
  • A new operating model,
  • Delivery spanning a number of external suppliers,
  • A major marketing campaign.
  • Leading a team of 30 people, Vishali is steering the project towards.

If a big and complex project is in search of someone to lead it, Vishali is undoubtedly a prime candidate!