Zeinab Chaudhary, Deloitte

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year

Zeinab is a Manager in Deloitte’s Human Capital Change practice. Since joining Deloitte seven years ago, Zeinab has successfully led significant digital transformations for her clients. She is passionate about creating a more balanced society through inclusion and, over the past 18 months, has pivoted the focus of her career to drive and influence social change.

Zeinab leverages her change management background to help organisations across all industries to become more sustainable, authentic and purpose-led in how they serve their customers and wider society.

Zeinab’s passion and ability to navigate emotive and complex topics, such as disability and financial inclusion, are what make her stand out from her peers and help differentiate Deloitte in the market. Her commitment stems from her own personal experience of navigating the consulting industry with a disability and experiencing the extra costs disabled people face first-hand. She is trusted by Deloitte partners and her clients to embrace every challenge and opportunity with unwavering commitment, and deliver robust, meaningful solutions.

In recognition of her courage and commitment to championing internal inclusion efforts, Zeinab was appointed as Deloitte’s Disability Inclusion Lead. By effectively guiding senior business leaders and inspiring junior consultants, Zeinab is pioneering positive change as a true role model in the consulting profession.