Eduardo Rodriguez Montemayor, PwC

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year

Eduardo joined PwC’s Economics Team in 2019 from INSEAD, where he was a senior research fellow. Although relatively new to the consulting industry, he brings more than 15 years experience across government, international development and academic research. He has quickly made his mark at many levels: with other team members; with clients; with wider stakeholders nationally and globally. He’s established himself as a thoughtful economist who brings added insight and rigour to projects and is also PwC’s principal thought leader in all matters related to jobs and skills. This is an area that’s becoming critical for the future sustainability of the economy and the cohesion of society and is a topic he’s deeply passionate about and knowledgeable about.

Eduardo’s conviction in the power of research and knowledge as key enablers of change undoubtedly has its origins in his academic past and has been refined by working for government and developmental agencies. His approach to thought leadership is action-orientated, with a focus on outcomes. His contribution to the debate about the future of jobs and skills is substantial and important, and his most recent publication with the World Economic Forum is one of PwC’s most prominent publications worldwide.

All who meet him are struck by Eduardo’s ambition to drive change in society by creating actionable insights for decision and policymakers, building on knowledge learned through PwC’s client experiences and networks. His insights also inspire colleagues across the firm’s network to seek new ways of expanding the knowledge frontier and contributing to change for good.