Aidan Moran, IBM Consulting

Inclusion Award

In an everyday pre-pandemic world, employee engagement to drive individual, team and business performance was key to individual and organisational health. To improve engagement during the pandemic is a significant achievement – I enabled a 50% female diversity split against an industry standard of 19%. This story is about how I have led our team to enable and empower many women to join and thrive in a technology career.

In moving the dial so significantly, it is also important to note that this bucks the post-pandemic trend of fewer women returning to work due to the confluence of challenges they faced during the Covid crisis, with 51% of women less optimistic about their career prospects than before the pandemic.

This achievement has drawn not only on my leadership skills – establishing the vision, inspiring and driving the change, engaging the whole team to deliver these results collaboratively but critically, creating the supportive culture to succeed individually and as a team.

My team are continuously recognised for their supportive and caring approach to business and internal client recognition through awards for two of our major clients Audi and Boots with additional recognition from IBM for our team excellence for the Audi project.

Supporting quote from IBM female leader: “Aidan has been an absolute agent of change … His work to shift the dial on gender imbalance in the tech communities cannot be underestimated. ….. I am incredibly proud of what Aidan has achieved”.

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