Blurred is a new breed business that blurs management and communications consultancy. In three years it’s grown to have a fee income just shy of £3m and it works for some of the world’s biggest businesses tackling some of the world’s biggest issues – from biodiversity to climate change and from freedom of expression to human rights.

Blurred believes that before a business can profess to do good in the world (via its social purpose), it first needs to prove it does no harm (ESG), so we call our area of specialism ESGP (Environmental, Social, Governance + Purpose).

Blurred helps businesses be better businesses. And then ensures all key stakeholders know about it, from the capital markets, to policy makers and beyond. Consequently, it uniquely blurs the lines between management and communications consultancy.

Blurred also set out to prove that a business in this space can deliver for People and Planet as well as Profit.

It has best in class benefits, an exceptional, personalised training programme – AcadeMe – an intern programme focused on supporting those that most need a bridge to work and good diversity in its own team – 31% of Blurred’s team come from ethnic minority backgrounds with 16% in senior roles. The core team is also 67% female with 68% in senior roles. The Blurred team is proudly diverse in terms of ethnicity, neurodiversity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious belief, national origin and socio-economic background. Purposefully.

Blurred is also a net zero business with a number of initiatives in place to ensure this is a reality, from permanently closing the office Mondays and Fridays, to subsidising its teams’ energy bills if they switch to green providers. It also recently provided an ‘energy bonus’ to support people deal with the rising cost of power at home.

It’s also picky about who it works for – turning down 27 briefs in 2021 alone, because the companies didn’t meet its own strict values expectations.

Blurred has achieved all this, despite some tough challenges where it saw many of its team touched by tragedy. Cancer took close family members, it took friends and it even came after its own. Many companies would have crumbled, but Blurred soared – leaning into its values, and doubling down on ensuring it did work ‘that counts’.

Blurred couldn’t be prouder of what it’s achieved in three short years. It leant into its values and has become proof that consultancyies can support People and Planet and also deliver Profit. And that’s the greatest reward of all.

Twitter handle: BlurredLondon

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