Nwachukwu Aghanya, PwC

Inclusion Award

Nwachukwu has a deep commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. He always strives to achieve more by changing the narrative, and has fundamentally revised the mindset of PwC’s business, ensuring that those of African and Caribbean heritage feel included and empowered.

During the past year, Nwachukwu created and developed PwC’s flagship partnership with The Amos Bursary (AB) – a charity that helps Britain’s talented young men and women of African and Caribbean heritage achieve their full potential.

This highly successful partnership has led to many collaborative events where Nwachukwu has given time to supporting the AB students, building their confidence and enhancing their professional skills. The partnership has also resulted in several AB students being successful in securing positions within PwC. This a great outcome for the students, and just one of the ways that this initiative, first envisioned by Nwachukwu, is making a real difference to the firm’s diversity.

When he first spoke to AB’s CEO, Nwachukwu would have been happy empowering just one young disadvantaged person to understand their true worth and develop the skills to help shape their own future. He has since directly interacted with over 1,000 students, eclipsing his initial vision.

Nwachukwu has created a structure that enables the wider PwC firm to make a difference as part of its diversity and inclusion agenda, in a way that’s central to its purpose as an organisation. He embodies the firm’s core value of inclusion, and his commitment is infectious to all those around him.

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