Georgina Pipe, Gate One


Inclusion Award

In January 2022, Georgie stepped-up to take ownership of DE&I and build a programme to make it a strategic focus within Gate One, as well as create an inclusive workspace where we celebrate our differences. As the single point of contact for the DE&I team, she influences operations with data-driven recommendations based on the findings of their annual DE&I survey. Additionally, she leads the annual strategy and planning, and coordinates execution activities across the DE&I sub-teams. In 12 months, she increased engagement 5x, embedded DE&I into daily conversations and routines, and secured a change in company policy for equal parental leave – this was all in addition to her consultancy role.

In the beginning, Gate One had up to ten people engaged in the DE&I team. Today, around 40 individuals are actively involved in the core team (with a wider network of champions and allies) to improve the way they work, develop policies, and encouraging conversation, learning and empathy across the business.

Georgie has been instrumental in driving the continued quest to improve on all aspects of DE&I at Gate One. At a strategic level, she crafts and drives the DE&I plan, whilst at a tactical level, she actively leads events, communications, and engagement. At a personal level, she has demonstrated leadership and shown incredible openness to share her personal story and raise awareness of the lived experience of intersex individuals in the workplace.

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