Hayden Rogers, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence


Young Consultant of the Year

From a Physics degree to being the Lead Consultant for National Security Law Enforcement at BAE Systems – the first 5 years of Hayden’s career has seen his impact on BAE Systems and the National Security sector continually grow.

He has shown he can lead others successfully, influence customers and deliver change and improvement in challenging circumstances.
His client delivery has seen great success with multiple examples of his approach enabling his customers to stay ahead of criminals and continue to keep the nation safe. His leadership of one department’s IT strategy vastly improved its ability to innovate, and for another he developed a novel strategy to ensure up to £1bn in revenue each year is protected.

He has combined this customer engagement with work internally at BAE Systems, where he has delivered a skills framework for Management Consulting that is used by the company today.

Hayden has a strong drive for solving the most difficult problems, and he is now in a prime position to develop the next generation and continue to positively impact the National Security mission in the UK.

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