Jing Peng, PwC


Inclusion Award

Jing is an accomplished professional and diversity and inclusion advocate who has significantly impacted PwC’s workplace. As PwC Birmingham’s first Chinese management consultant, Jing has faced challenges throughout her journey, including language and cultural barriers. Her background and experience sparked her passion for bridging cultural divides and facilitating effective communication, and she is now a champion within the firm for promoting diversity and inclusion on an international scale. Jing believes intercultural communication is vital for the consulting industry, as it helps consultants build relationships with clients, work effectively with diverse teams, avoid misunderstandings, and adapt to different cultural contexts. Her goal is to help colleagues understand, engage, support and retain international connections, to build up creative and diverse teams. Jing has set up an ‘International Working Group’, trained international staff, and promoted PwC’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy. These initiatives have empowered PwC’s international colleagues, fostered mutual understanding, and strengthened the bond between PwC’s UK and international firms, creating a globally inclusive work environment. Jing challenges and changes people’s mindsets. She has highlighted the benefits of embracing diversity and inclusive practices in international sales and marketing, by conducting insightful interviews with partners in global markets. Her charismatic speaking skills have left a lasting impression, and inspired a greater appreciation for diversity and inclusion within the firm. Jing also uses her global network to connect PwC leadership to potential international client opportunities. She is a shining example of the positive impact achievable with determination and passion.

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