Jo Lister, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence


Experienced Leader Award

When Jo first started as a Graduate Management Consultant many moons ago, she and her female peers looked around and thought “where are the senior women?” Jo honestly believed that her stint as a Consultant would end in her early 30s because, otherwise, how could you be a Consultant and a Mum?

Instead, Jo’s shown that it is absolutely possible to do the job she loves, have kids, be the first person to achieve Chartered Management Consultant via In Depth Interview, and stand in the gap Jo saw when she started.

Working in our National Security business unit, Jo built a team of 9 Consultants who work either for the client, her organisation or different suppliers. It was incredibly important for her to create a ‘rainbow’ team to take advantage of the benefits of diverse thought. The team welcomes those who are neurodiverse, new to consulting, and returners from parental leave – Jo wanted to ensure that everyone felt welcome and able to bring their own special something to the mix. This structure is now an exemplar, rolled out to other similarly structured projects in National Security.

Now, Jo is responsible for revitalising internal knowledge management, setting the consulting competency framework for our 600+ consultants to develop within, and defining training pathways for all consultants.
At the same time, Jo promotes her ‘Term Time’ only contract and the value of flexible working so she’s able to leave early for school pick up!

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