Louise Hymers, PwC


Inclusion Award

Louise is a manager in PwC’s Sales and Marketing team, and has worked for the firm for 34 years. Throughout that time, she has championed community and charity efforts, showing great care for her colleagues, community and broader networks. Having gone through perimenopause, she understands how debilitating the experience can be, and made it her personal mission to transform women’s experience of menopause in the workplace, to create a more open and supportive environment. Through her determination and bravery, Louise has been an inspiration when it comes to supporting women’s health at PwC. Through her actions, she has contributed to hundreds of future PwC female employees now being supported during the menopause. She has had a huge impact, not just creating a community, but also breaking down taboos to enable conversations. Using her extensive networks and fantastic relationship skills, she has encouraged others to talk openly and listen; also educating those who want to learn. She actively engages with the younger generation and the male population, recognising that the menopause will impact everyone at some point. Her passion and enthusiasm for the topic means she takes everyone on the journey with her. She is now talking to CEOs to share her insights, and talking to other PwC territories about how they can help support their staff too. Louise’s passion and drive to ensure the subject remains high-profile inside and outside of PwC has been admirable, and has gained her recognition from a whole host of people, both internally and externally.

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