Lynne Hamilton, Mott MacDonald


Inclusion Award

Shining through every project, role, and assignment is Lynne’s unwavering commitment to creating diverse and inclusive working environments. This developed early in her life as a young girl wondering why her multicultural school only celebrated Christian festivals; an LGBT+ teenager experiencing the impact of Section 28; and one of only two women on an 80-strong civil engineering degree course.

Lynne’s dedication to diversity and inclusion has shaped her own career and made a tangible difference to organisations and colleagues. She has worked on consultancy commissions in a wide range of sectors, led significant D&I initiatives, and driven the development of industry-wide LGBT+ inclusion resources. Testimonies from clients and colleagues demonstrate the transformative impact she has had on people’s wellbeing, career development, and workplace culture.

As a senior leader, a ChMC, and a Chartered FCMI, Lynne brings the values of diverse teams and inclusive culture into her day-to-day role in the most powerful way. Whether challenging discrimination, changing perceptions, advocating for colleagues, or creating wellbeing initiatives, her work is living proof of what the D&I community continuously asserts: on any level the focus on diversity and inclusion brings tangible business benefits.

It doesn’t stop there: Lynne is a visible and courageous role model, mentor, and advisor. Described by clients and co-workers as an exemplar of generosity, commitment, and connected thinking she has had, and will continue to have, a significant impact on the personal and professional development of countless colleagues.

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