Madeleine Duncan, GHD Advisory


Team Leader Consultant of the Year

As a senior consultant and team leader with GHD, Madeleine delivers business cases, market and feasibility studies for major infrastructure investments, primarily in the ‘property and buildings’ and social infrastructure sectors. Her passion for behavioural economics and understanding how and why people make decisions , as well as what communities really want and need, helps her to reconceptualise infrastructure problems with a social lens.

Through her work leading complex multinational, multidisciplinary commercial infrastructure advisory and engineering projects, Madeleine has learned one incredibly important lesson: local knowledge is powerful. Engagement with a diverse variety of stakeholders and the wider community is essential to understanding local needs, social norms, and how people interact with infrastructure, so that end infrastructure ‘solutions’ are effective and have a positive, lasting impact.

Her leadership style, both internally and as a project manager, focuses on fostering a culture of openness and approachability. This creates team dynamics where people trust one another, are comfortable asking questions and empowered to share their opinions, and feel safe bringing their whole selves to work. Furthermore, openness helps to build productive, collaborative client-consultant relationships. In her own words, Madeleine believes that reassuring clients and stakeholders that a project is in ‘safe hands’ depends on honest, firm but friendly communication: “knowing how to listen, when to ask for help, and having the confidence to admit when you don’t know the answer or the guts to push back when you do.”

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