Mitra Seirafi, Deloitte

Mitra Seirafi - Deloitte

Young Consultant of the Year

Mitra has demonstrated exceptionally high performance over her past four years at Deloitte, becoming known for delivering complex projects at pace and going above and beyond to tackle some of the UK’s most critical national infrastructure programmes. Her deep engineering expertise combined with her exceptional consulting skills makes her stand out, enabling her to operate with credibility to quickly build trust with clients. Consequently, she’s forged strong relationships with senior leaders in client organisations, with many praising her contagious enthusiasm.

Mitra has delivered complex, large-scale transformation within transport resulting in tangible benefits for the programmes and wider society – creating jobs and providing a real economic impact for communities. She’s worked with Exec and C-suite leaders in Major Programmes to develop market-leading “Setting up for Success” and “Distressed Programme” methodologies, deploying these successfully at various transport clients.

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a major infrastructure project, the largest in Europe. It remains at the forefront of the Government’s plans to level up the economy, creating the low carbon infrastructure of a national transport system that will support new jobs, careers, and opportunities.

Mitra has played a vital role in the HS2 Strategic Transformation Partner team. She’s covered multiple operating models and capability development programmes demonstrating her dogged determination and critical thinking ability to find solutions to complex, unprecedented challenges threatening Europe’s biggest infrastructure programme. Mitra is a key architect of the Integration model at HS2 which will become the new model for Integration for future major infrastructure programmes.

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