Nick Durrans, PwC


Experienced Leader Award

Nick is a director in PwC’s Transport practice, specialising in operating model transformation and complex programme management. Nick took a very deliberate and long-term decision to join PwC in 2016 at a grade significantly lower than the equivalent grade he held in the military. He did this because he wanted to properly learn the trade of a high-value management consultant. Indeed, as part of his transition to this industry, he opted not to consult back to the military organisations he knew, but instead build a new network and industry expertise to truly embrace this career change. Nick’s desire to invest in building this second career has been testified by his rise through PwC’s grades, and the impressive feedback he has received from clients and his teams. He is at the forefront of two of PwC’s most innovative and complex programmes, and in both these engagements has proven his strong stakeholder-engagement, programme-management and influencing skills to lead two joint industry/PwC collaborations – truly ‘badgeless’ teams with a common purpose and clarity on what needs to be done. Nick has also created an environment in which female talent can excel, in what has historically been a male-dominated industry. This change to the status quo has taken significant leadership and moral courage – two things Nick brings in abundance. Nick is a significant part of PwC’s success, both in the market and in transforming the diversity of its teams, setting a new benchmark for what is right, and what drives most value.

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