Yang Liu, EY


Technology Consultant of the Year

Yang is a passionate leader dedicated to building better solutions using new technologies. As a Technology Consulting manager, much of her work is centred on the not-for-profit sector, where she helps charities address the key tech challenges they face.

Yang is often described as having an ‘infectious’ enthusiasm, which plays an integral role in her ability to help clients and colleagues achieve their goals. As a leader, she works hard to help her team members realise their own potential. She is also the founder of an EY initiative that teaches young people digital and interpersonal skills for the future, inspiring future generations to take an interest in technology.

Yang’s impact:

  • She has become the go-to person within EY Microsoft Services Group for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. She leverages her expertise in the latest Microsoft technologies to accelerate digitalisation in the not-for-profit sector—a need that has become especially acute during the pandemic.
  • She established and leads Coder Dojo at EY – a growing volunteering initiative where young people between 7 and 17 develop their interest in technology through learning how to code. She has expanded this initiative to four of EY regional offices in just eight months, reaching over 500 beneficiaries.

She inspires more females to study technology by speaking at various Women in Technology events. As a woman who followed a non-traditional path into the technology industry, she delivers authentic messages and is always willing to help women discover their own paths.

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