Yunus Sheikh, PwC


Young Consultant of the Year

Yunus joined the consulting industry directly out of school, an 18-year-old passionate about the environment, hoping to make a real societal difference and tackle important challenges. He is now a standout leader in the world of innovation and impact – and an inspiring leader in addressing the practical steps companies must take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to make our planet more sustainable. PwC sees him as a consultant with a Midas touch, operating leagues ahead of his grade, creating up to partner-level impact. He’s made significant contributions to the firm’s Net Zero practice, has been lauded for exceptional client delivery, and has an inspirational devotion to mentoring, inspiring and developing to his peers. A pioneering supply chain sustainability practitioner, Yunus has been a leading force in creating and coordinating PwC’s Net Zero Execution Practice – designing and delivering work of a complexity and scale not previously attempted. At the heart of developing PwC’s sustainability proposition, he’s built a team of 20, cultivating a unique followership internally and externally. Yunus recently built a team to support an international defence, aerospace and security company in reducing its supply chain emissions, developing and rolling out a brand-defining ‘Accelerating Net Zero Readiness’ asset, to transform a client’s global supply chain practice. Yunus is renowned for his pioneering contributions to supply chain decarbonisation solutions, and passion for developing PwC’s sustainability offering; however, it’s the inspired teams he’s built and his impact in redefining the way consultancies deliver sustainable impact that truly set him apart

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