Dr Luke Taylor, Akeso

Dr Luke Taylor, Akeso

Inclusion Award

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistDr. Luke Taylor, a former medical academic turned consultant, has advocated for equity, equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout his life, driven by his lived experience and the stigma faced as an openly gay individual. He has been a prominent figure in driving tangible changes to support the EDI agenda in both academic and corporate settings.

His initiatives include collaborating with EY and the National AIDS Trust on literature research, delivering LGBTQ+ training and recruitment programs in universities, and serving as a Trustee for the charity Educate and Celebrate. Luke also established IQVIA’s first LGBTQ+ network in the UK and represented the company at London Pride events.

Luke’s journey took a significant turn with a dual cancer diagnosis, leading to physical and cognitive impairments. Despite these challenges, he returned to work, advocating for accommodations, and fostering a culture of support within his current firm, Akeso. His experiences inspired him to emphasize intersectionality and accommodate diverse needs in his advocacy for EDI.
Working with colleagues, Luke spearheaded policy overhauls at Akeso, resulting in enhanced well-being initiatives and intersectionality training. Despite physical limitations, he helped establish an EDI network and embedded inclusive practices into the firm’s competency framework. His efforts ensure a unified and blended workforce, irrespective of background, contributing to a culture of understanding and support for all employees.

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