Erika Danis, KPMG

Erika Danis, KPMG

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistErika Danis joined KPMG in 2020, and has been Head of integrated cloud solutions since 2023. With a background in software engineering and cloud infrastructure, she’s responsible for several large digital platforms.

The services that Erika oversees include customer due diligence – relied on by KPMG finance clients such RBS, Natwest Group, and Santander – as well as LEAP, a learning platform which is used internally and by a number of government bodies. She also looks after Beyond, a digital marketing platform which delivers a range of KPMG’s services to clients.

Erika’s role involves liaising closely with senior KPMG executives as well as co-ordinating the work of large engineering teams in different parts of the world. She combines strong interpersonal skills with business acumen and technical know-how to steer these efforts towards their goals, making continuous improvements.

Erika has overseen the redesign of recruitment processes that has enabled the firm to find and retain top talent in a competitive market. Her communication skills have helped win support for major process changes from senior stakeholders, enabling the firm to work more flexibly and securely. And she has implemented new ways of working to improve efficiency and security across her teams.

Overall, Erika’s leadership has helped ensure impressive results on several critical programmes for major banking clients and government departments. Her contributions have been integral to these projects, underscoring her capability to lead in high-stakes environments. She has had a substantial impact on KPMG’s success in its largest technology engagements, inspiring excellence.

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