Eleanor Scholefield, Capgemini Invent


Young Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistSince her first client project just over two years ago, Eleanor Scholefield has shown an aptitude for problem solving that far exceeds her considerable technical expertise in analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). From solving complex coding challenges to masterminding ways to process novel data sets, she goes beyond what’s required by devising new and better solutions for any task.

Eleanor works hard to develop skills that complement her background in physics and computer science, conscious that to progress in her consulting career she’ll need to be as adept at managing people as she is at managing problems. She builds this skill set by engaging in a variety of activities across both client projects and internal contribution. Examples include delivering the single-largest reduction in the end-to-end runtime of a mature codebase for a data-enrichment project within a large government department and the establishment of a community team of more than 200 people, holding regular events to foster a strong sense of community.

She does all this while pursuing varied hobbies. She’s a singer with a nascent indie group, enjoys creating electronic music, which she’s currently looking to release on SoundCloud, is a passionate expressionist painter, and enjoys watching historical documentaries and reading historical non-fiction. An experienced tennis coach, she’s skilled at keeping countless balls in the air on and off the court.

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