Gabriella Goddard-Palmer, AtkinsRéalis

Gabriella Goddard-Palmer, AtkinsRéalis

Apprentice of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistIn September 2021, Gabriella joined the consulting world at AtkinsRéalis at just 18 years old, sceptical yet optimistic about the opportunities this exciting environment offered. Little did she know the personal growth awaiting her, or the lived experience and knowledge that she was to share with hundreds of employees within her company, and hundreds of thousands of aspiring apprentices across the nation.

Gabriella has grown into a subject matter expert within the business, providing specialist Net Zero and Social Value training to a breadth of employees, and advocating positive change within consulting giving talks about sustainability to graduates and apprentices across the industry. Having led several process improvement changes within a Law Enforcement programme, and co-creating AtkinsRéalis’ Critical National Infrastructure’s young professional Shadow Board, Gabriella demonstrates a critical-thinking, proactive and ‘going above-and-beyond’ attitude in every piece of work she delivers.

Outside her highly-demanding client role, one of Gabriella’s many passions is sharing her ‘Life as a Degree Apprentice’ journey with her 16,000 social media followers. Gaining over one million views across her most popular videos, Gabriella hopes to share her story with aspiring apprentices, and inspire others to pursue the ‘less conventional’ route to a successful career in management consulting.

The most important thing that Gabriella brings to clients and colleagues is her positivity, compassion and joy. Whether through her advocacy of degree apprenticeships, or her contributions to the national security of the country, making a real difference is what truly excites her about a career in management consultancy.

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