Georgia Hughes, Arcadis

Georgia Hughes, Arcadis

Inclusion Award

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistGeorgia is a pioneering leader committed to fostering belonging and purpose in the workplace. With a strong emphasis on client relationships, she invests time in understanding personal motivations and aligning with clients’ passions, building trusted advisor relationships, and empowering women through mentorship. As a People and Culture Lead for a team of 225 management consultants, she has significantly increased employee satisfaction and developed a wider business global culture strategy, integrating clients to create a culture of appreciation and recognition.

By prioritising transparency, Georgia tailors her leadership style to strategically influence and promote a sense of belonging. With a focus on inclusivity and diversity, she has influenced leaders across the construction industry and advocated for changes addressing the needs of a multigenerational workforce.

Georgia’s collaborative and inclusive approach to project management has empowered teams and clients, fostering a culture of ownership and proactive problem-solving. By integrating team members into the core aspects of project management, she has equitably prepared them for future leadership roles and enhanced their capacity to navigate challenges.

As a Global Programme Manager, Georgia’s critical thinking skills have been instrumental in addressing the complex challenge of culture transformation within a large organization of 33,000 employees. By initiating “culture jams” and incorporating belonging values, she has driven the direction of new initiatives, ensuring every employee feels recognised and supported. In a male-dominated industry, Georgia is leading the way in creating equity and belonging, with a deep commitment to understanding and aligning with the dynamics of organisations.

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