Grace Baker, PwC

Grace Baker, PwC

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 Finalist

With recent world events creating a volatile geopolitical landscape, there’s a renewed focus on the UK’s defence capabilities. Grace has made a remarkable contribution to the development of the UK’s defence capability through her leadership of a strategic, multidisciplinary R&D programme with the Ministry of Defence, PwC and Industry.

Grace’s outstanding leadership capabilities have been integral to the programme’s success. She has taken the programme from an embryonic state to one that has secured future funding through the governmental business-case process, delivered an innovative procurement framework in vastly accelerated timelines, and secured national and international buy-in to the programme’s strategy and approach. She has also instilled a strong culture that challenges the status quo not only within the programme, but also across wider MOD, government and industry. 

Grace has formed a trusted partnership with her MOD team members and fellow consultants. Above all, she shows care and compassion to all around her; her inspirational leadership style has instilled a culture of collaboration within a team that constantly strives to bring their best. 

Grace also takes responsibility for promoting authenticity, ensuring everyone feels they can be themselves and contribute to team success. She’s a natural people-person, and so a lot of this is instinctive, but she’s also quite deliberate. At the start of a project, she speaks to team members individually, to understand their objectives and how she can support them. Throughout a project, she offers ongoing support, to manage workloads, deliverables and wellbeing. 

Exceptional outcomes are the result, always.

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