Dr Janak Gunatilleke, KPMG

Janak Gunatilleke, KPMG

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistJanak Gunatilleke is a qualified doctor with 18 years of healthcare experience. He is passionate about using data and AI solutions to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies – and about stimulating discussion, debate and greater understanding through the power of thought leadership materials.

Leading KPMG’s healthcare data and analytics practice in the UK, Janak also heads up the KPMG data AI & Machine Learning community, facilitating the sharing of best practices and developing new offerings and capabilities.

After authoring a book in 2022 on how the full potential of AI can be applied in practical ways into healthcare, Janak is regularly interviewed and invited to speak at events, including Rewired, HETT, Microsoft’s Envision conference and the BCS (British Computer Society) conference on AI.

Janak also leads KPMG’s healthcare data strategy proposition, helping organisations get from descriptive analytics (simply looking back at things that have happened in the past), to deeper data and insights, including advanced analytics such as AI.

Helping clients identify how data can improve the services they provide and how they operate, Janak then works with them to implement the changes required.

It is this fusion of thought leadership insight with real world impacts that makes Janak’s work and contribution so powerful. His thought leadership is not merely theoretical: ultimately, it will feed through into the actual experience of patients and service users on the ground.

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