Katerina Papadimitraki, GHD Advisory

Katerina Papadimitraki, GHD Advisory

Technology Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistKaterina’s career unfolds at the intersection of a deep-rooted passion for groundbreaking technology, mathematics, and the complexities of real-world challenges. For many years, she has been navigating the intersection of innovation and practical application across various sectors. From her pioneering efforts at Telefónica to strategic contributions at Network Rail, Katerina’s journey reflects a dedication not just to solving technical problems but to envisioning and realising transformative solutions that meet critical needs.

Katerina’s story is one of transcending traditional development roles to become a catalyst for change, blending technical expertise with strategic foresight to guide organisations toward a more innovative, data-driven future.

Katerina is not a leader or developer but a technology consultant, challenging the status quo of data utilisation within complex business ecosystems and critical infrastructure environments. Her commitment is to enlighten those who perceive data merely as a byproduct, rather than as the strategic asset it truly is. By questioning conventional wisdom and the reluctance to move away from legacy methods, Katerina reveals the untapped potential of data. In embracing the challenges of leading projects and teams, her aim is to cultivate an environment where innovation thrives. This isn’t limited to the adoption of new technologies; it involves fostering a mindset shift among her clients, guiding them to see beyond the familiar and embrace the transformative power of data.

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