Macy Greene, PwC

Macy Greene, PwC

Apprentice of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistMacy is an exceptional apprentice who routinely goes beyond what’s asked of her. Her growth mindset and refreshing ability to engage with experienced consultants has accelerated her learning, all while delivering outstanding results.

Macy’s desire to produce tangible differences for businesses and the economy inspired her to train as a consultant, and she has been rewarded by regularly having the opportunity to improve the fortunes of the organisations she works with.

Macy’s ability to promote dialogue, ask intellectual questions and challenge others typifies what clients look for in a consultant. Her communication skills aid her in determining what’s required, and in delivering at a level that surpasses expectations. She engenders a collaborative team environment through a blend of calm yet invigorating energy, and she’s a natural leader, who uses her proactive approach, evidence-backed proposals and inspiring vision to motivate and empower others.

One of Macy’s major achievements has been identifying a ‘generational gap’ between younger and more mature consultants at PwC, which she quickly sought to correct. Her ‘Guide to Networking’ is designed to help junior staff grow in confidence, build rapport with leaders, and facilitate conversations of substance, through improved non-verbal communication, questioning techniques and knowledge of consulting topics.

And she hasn’t stopped there. Macy sees it as the start of a skills-improvement process that will enable consultants at all levels to harness shared interests and bridge differences. Elsewhere, she has taken on the role of community and volunteering representative, which has fostered excellent teamwork in her office.

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