Matt Lochhead, Proxima

Matt Lochhead, Proxima

Young Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistWhen a global strategy house acquired procurement consultancy Proxima in April 2022, there was excitement, apprehension, and questions raised on how we would work together and create something greater than the sum of our parts. In a people-led industry, success hinged on how our respective workforces would adapt, accommodate, challenge, and collaborate to the benefit of our clients. This was an opportunity for the bold. Those that would step up, grasp the opportunity and make their own successes.

Our nomination for Young Consultant of the Year did just that. Playing a pivotal role in the success of the acquisition, they delivered excellence on joint client engagements, captured and shared learnings with the wider business, and acted as a real champion of change. Above all, they consistently stayed true to both their humble nature, Proxima’s principles and most importantly our core value of “client first”.

Matt Lochhead was first appointed to support an in-flight project at a global chemicals company. The project was not progressing at the pace desired. Matt quickly assessed and realigned ways of working between the two organisations by applying a laser focus on the client’s requirements and desired outcomes. In doing so, he demonstrated leadership and expertise that led to target-exceeding results.

Matt showed the mental agility and courage to act as a multidisciplinary subject matter expert; filtering through information and arming themselves with the most salient points to drive progress. He is one for the future but also one for now.

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