Mohit Sharma, PwC

Mohit Sharma, PwC

Technology Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistMohit is a future leader in the Digital Banking technology consulting practice at PwC. He epitomises attention to detail, critical thinking, data-driven design, and a relentless pursuit for enhanced human experience that generates positive outcomes for both his clients and his firm. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to drive innovation and transformation in financial services, and has played an instrumental role in positioning PwC at the forefront of excellence in digital banking.

Mohit’s process-oriented approach, strength in building relationships, and coaching leadership style position him as an ideal role model for technology consultants. The inherent bibliophile and storyteller in him lends him a knack for crafting tailored narratives, balancing details based on stakeholder groups—an ability that organically positions him as an ongoing trusted advisor for his most recent client’s digital transformation journey. Mohit attributes the success of his role with this bank to the collaborative spirit of co-creation and ‘one-team’ approach.

Mohit’s work reshaped the client’s business model and rationalised its IT architecture, which in turn enhanced employee productivity. Through a combination of data and industry best practices, Mohit also created a technology innovation strategy and architectural governance framework that resulted in 30% improvement in decision-making processes.

Aside from his client focus, Mohit is also known for his passion for mentoring and coaching. As one of PwC’s L&D champions, he demonstrates his commitment to cultivating the right techno-functional skills in the next generation of tech consultants, instilling a culture of holistic client excellence.

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