MCA joins coalition of service organisations in Brexit push

The MCA is one of signatories to a letter from the Professional and Business Services Council to the Prime Minister which sets out key issues for the sector post-Brexit. The Council brings together representatives of consulting, legal services, accounting and creative services.

Professional Services in the UK employ around 4.6 million people and generate more than £66bn of exports. Recent debates within the UK government have focussed on trade in goods, and there is a strong risk that UK services will be disadvantaged during the negotiations.

Alan Leaman, Chief Executive of the MCA, said: “As the serious negotiations with the EU get going at last, it is vitally important that all sides take care to secure open trade and movement of people in business service industries such as management consulting. The whole of Europe benefits greatly from strong competition and world-class consulting firms. Restrictions on freedom to trade and travel post-Brexit will only be welcomed by Europe’s international competitors.”

PBSC’s letter to the Prime Minister

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