Advanced Management Skills, Founder and Senior Partner, Mark Law, On the Value Of Chartered

Mark Law is the Founder and Senior Partner of Advanced Management Skills. He is an expert consulting practitioner with extensive experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Here Mark discusses why he is a vocal advocate of the ChMC Award, saying:

I am a management consultant, and I train other professional consultants working towards the Level 5 and the new Level 7 award, certificate, diploma and extended diploma in professional consulting. I also train and mentor people working towards the Certified Management Consultant and Chartered Management Consultant.

“I have been a vocal advocate for many years for developing the ChMC. My students greatly value the opportunity to learn professional consulting skills from someone with the track record, client recommendations (via LinkedIn) and professional qualifications supporting this, e.g., ChMC.”

The ChMC has given me the opportunity to reflect on my professional practice in the context of recent real world consulting experience. This has helped me identify and focus on areas of development as well as confirming the validity of my current practice. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to reflect on my career and take it to the next level.

I have received a tremendous amount of support from my firm to become a Chartered Management Consultant. Becoming ChMC has exceeded my expectations with supporting my career goals.

“As a professional consultant, I help clients deliver real value in a rapidly changing world. The ChMC and the continuing professional development required to maintain this helps me keep ahead of changing practice and to remain current and relevant.”

I would absolutely recommend others to become Chartered. Clients are increasingly requiring their consultants to be professionally qualified in a similar way to their doctors and dentists through an institution with a Royal Charter. Like most other professions, consultants can potentially be of danger to the public who, as with other professions, need protection from charlatans.

Professional awards such as ChMC provide the required assurance. It is a way of evidencing and formally recognising my competence and commitment to the profession, providing a standard for quality which will support in building trusted relationships with clients.

I can’t wait to share the details of the ChMC with others. Particularly my fellow London Business School Alumni, many of whom are consultants but yet to become Chartered.