Al Haque, Business Advisory at Arcadis on His Journey to Chartered Status

My journey in achieving Chartered status has been more than a career path, it’s been a journey of transformation. The skills and experiences I’ve gained have not only made me a better consultant but have also reshaped my approach to leadership and ethics. This journey has been about developing a mindset geared towards excellence, innovation and making a lasting impact in the consulting profession.

From an early age I had a deep fascination for understanding how things work, which naturally led me to engineering. My interest evolved from just understanding engineering principles to solving complex problems. This progression steered me towards project management and various consulting roles over the course of 10 years, during this period I had the privilege of being involved in Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects(NSIPs) shaping our national landscape, including HS2, Lower Thames Crossing, Heathrow Expansion and Bradwell B.

The transition into management consulting was an opportunity to leverage my extensive experience to make a broader impact across various industries. Management consulting offers a broader scope of challenges and learning opportunities. This shift has enabled a deeper engagement with strategic aspects of business, involving critical decision-making, problem solving and innovation. The journey was transformative, both personally and professionally. It was an exercise in continuous learning and adaptation. The skills and knowledge I gained were not just for personal development; they were tools that enabled me to drive change and offer innovative solutions to our clients. This process of ongoing learning and growth is at the heart of the Chartered ethos.

Achieving Chartered status was more than an accreditation, it was a validation of my expertise and commitment to the highest standards of consulting. The ChMC framework offered a structured approach to refine my skills, but more importantly, it provided a platform for continuous professional development. The accreditation enhanced my credibility and cemented my position as a leader in the consulting field.

As a leader in consulting, my focus has always been on making a real difference. The ChMC framework emphasises the importance of leadership in consulting. It’s not just about managing projects or providing solutions; it’s about inspiring change, fostering innovation and steering clients through complex challenges with value creation at the core. The role of a consultant is multifaceted – we are advisors, strategists, and leaders.

The impact of the ChMC on our clients and the industry cannot be understated. We bring a level of expertise and professionalism that elevates the standard of consulting. Our work has a ripple effect, the solutions we provide help shape industries, influence policies, and drive economic growth. We’re not just part of the consulting industry; we’re actively shaping its future.

The ChMC is a commitment to excellence, a promise to uphold the highest standards and a journey towards becoming an effective leader. The framework underlines the importance of value creation, ethical practices and leadership in consulting. This aspect of the accreditation instils a sense of responsibility and integrity, which are critical attributes of effective leadership. The ChMC equips consultants with the skills and mindset necessary to make a meaningful impact in their field and beyond.


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