New independent research finds Chartered status helps advance industry standards and assures clients


  • Nearly four-in-five consultants feel chartered status has reassured clients of the expertise they offer.
  • 79% of respondents emphasised ChMC’s role in elevating professional standards within the industry.
  • Record number of Chartered assessments expected to be completed in the month of February.

The Chartered Management Consultant Accreditation (ChMC) continues to raise the professional standards of management consultants, according to a recent survey by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) conducted by independent research firm Savanta Comres. The MCA Member Survey 2024, the largest analysis of opinions of management consultants, also highlighted how much younger consultants value training, learning and development opportunities in their consulting role.

Nearly 1,250 consultants responded to the survey, now in its sixth year, and when asked about the importance of ChMC accreditation, 79% of respondents emphasised its role in elevating professional standards within the industry. Additionally, 77% highlighted its significance in assuring clients of the quality of expertise. Respondents also foresee “Becoming Chartered” as a designation that will become increasingly important in the management consultancy field over the next five years.

Representing diverse participants from firms of all sizes and specialisms, and spanning all organisational levels, the survey also identified training and development as a critical factor in ensuring talent remains in the consulting sector. Those surveyed also commented that they anticipated an increased demand for the accreditation, envisioning ChMC becoming a requirement and benchmark for organisations, similar to the evolution seen in the accounting profession. Other contributors to the survey emphasised the growing importance on accountability, foreseeing ChMC as integral to demonstrating value for money and commitment to shared client values, including diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability.

Tamzen Isacsson, Chief Executive of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), said:

“The survey results underscore the increasing recognition of the Chartered Management Consultant Accreditation (ChMC) as a cornerstone in our industry’s commitment to excellence. As we witness the evolving landscape of management consulting, firms are using ChMC to not only help attract and retain top talent, but also to elevate professional standards, emphasise their strong commitment to ethics and reassure clients of the quality of expertise.”


Ann Francke OBE, Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), said:

“CMI is proud to deliver the ChMC award in collaboration with the MCA. Together we are cultivating a community of consultants dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards. By delivering a rigorous accreditation process, we ensure individuals possess the expertise and ethical values needed to thrive. This not only empowers consultants but also instils trust and confidence within the profession as a whole.”

The number of Chartered Management Consultants in the UK has surpassed 1,070, reflecting the industry’s collective pursuit of excellence. Currently, 40 MCA Member firms, made up of large, medium, and SME organisations, are actively involved, training their consultants and/or seeking in-house programme accreditation with many more joining. February looks set to be a record month for Chartered assessments according to predictions released by the CMI.

This rapid adoption reflects the growing recognition of ChMC as a valuable addition to talent development, attracting and retaining top talent while elevating industry standards.

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