Arcadis Associate Director Holly McEwan On Why She Champions Chartered

Holly McEwan began her ChMC journey when she was Principal Consultant at Arcadis. She champions becoming a Chartered Management Consultant as an opportunity to reflect on her existing skills and how they will help shape her future aspirations.

Here she speaks about what her journey was like at the time, saying

“Becoming Chartered will provide me with the confidence I need to continue my personal development and resilience, helping to inspire and influence my career planning.”

Becoming a Chartered Management Consultant validates my experience and makes me proud to be associated with a professional body who are the industry leading experts.

Becoming a Chartered Management Consultant will give me the skills to succeed and enhance my credibility with my clients.

“I have been able to identify my own strengths and weaknesses, assess areas for development and further define my career opportunities. Becoming chartered is a great way to demonstrate Arcadis credibility and sector experience to our clients. As well as demonstrating the investment and development opportunities that we are provided with.”

Incorporating the additional workload into my existing work / life balance was simple. I worked with the Arcadis training team and my mentors to assess if any adjustments were needed. The flexibility of the Chartered process really helped me to balance my responsibilities.

“Achieving Chartered Management Consultant status will fuel my ambition and help me reach my goals. I know that I have already gained greater credibility of my management consultancy skills, but the process has allowed me to reflect and identify key strengths and future development areas.”

The process of becoming Chartered is inspiring. I feel that I have become a more well-rounded individual by focusing on a whole range of skills which can help me to achieve my future aspirations. I am incredibly passionate about using my confidence and knowledge to mentor others who may be entering the profession.